Posted: 3 years ago

Quality Over Quantity - New Rules to Apply at Vintage 2021

Quality over quantity - Vintage 2021 will be carried out according to different rules.

According to the head of the National Wine Agency, the quality of the grapes will be determined during the harvest next year, which will affect its value. One of the criteria among them will be the level of sugar content in the grapes, which is attached to the price.

"It is difficult to talk about the price now, but the unsuitable grapes for high-quality wine will cost twice less than the quality one," said Levan Mekhuzla, head of the National Wine Agency in the program "Business Partner".

He said that work on the new rules is already underway and this regulation will be introduced to growers and wine companies in January.

"It is important to focus on quality, even at the expense of reducing quantity. In such conditions, Georgia does not have the luxury of competing in the global market with countries that have the luxury of economies of scale. For example, such as Chile, Australia or Spain, "Levan Mekhuzla said.

He said that from the time the growers start working in the vineyard, they should already have an idea of ​​exactly what to expect from the vintage and it will be up to them to decide whether to focus on quality or quantity. They will know in advance that in this case the prices of grapes will be very different.

It is noteworthy that despite the pandemic, wine exports have decreased slightly in quantity, although there has been a 10% decrease in revenue.

"The pandemic has hit the price of wine very hard, there is a lot of pressure on prices in the global market," Mekhuzla said.