Posted: 10 months ago

Eco-Friendly Innovation: The Speaker by Young Georgian Inventor

The product, designed by 16-year-old Saba Manizhashvili, stands out for its eco-centric approach — it's fashioned from recycled plastic to portable speaker, it is soon set to transition into semi-automated production.

Company "Tene" has championed Saba's invention, amplifying details about this hand-made speaker sculpted from recycled plastic. Plans are underway to transition this sustainable marvel into semi-automated production.

Interestingly, Georgia's voice assistant, Ertaoza, has signaled keen interest in Saba's innovation, with intentions to integrate its code into the dynamic speaker.

"Tene" recognized the potential in Saba's project and expressed its support on its official Facebook page. The statement reads, "To champion Saba's innovation, we've introduced a special initiative. Priced at 200 GEL, those contributing recycled plastic and amassing 10 Tene coins will be gifted this speaker, at no cost."

It's evident that young Saba Manizhashvili's green innovation is paving the way for sustainable electronics in Georgia.