Posted: 2 months ago

National Wine Agency Rejected 6 Companies during Quality Control

To control the quality of wine and spirits, in the first quarter of 2022, inspections were carried out at 25 wine companies, 83 samples were taken, and 6 companies were refused certification.

The inspection involves determining the conformity of an exported alcoholic beverage or spirit sample submitted for certification with a lot (a batch of bottled wine).

14 companies were inspected by the international auditing companies "Bureau Veritas" and "SGS" in the Customs Clearance Zone, 1 wine company was revoked the certificate, and refused to export.

As for organoleptic testing of alcohol, 60 tastings were conducted. 2585 samples were received. 2445 samples were evaluated positively, 140 - negatively.
One of the main goals of the National Wine Agency is to promote high-quality Georgian wine production. The agency is actively working to ensure that tens of millions of bottles of Georgian wine meet international standards.