Posted: 4 years ago

National Wine Agency Implemented Quality Control in Alcoholic Beverage Factories

In order to control the quality of Georgian wine and alcoholic beverages, in July of the current year, the National Wine Agency implemented 20 inspection controls in alcoholic beverage factories.

All of the 100 samples taken during the inspection complied with the physicochemical characteristics of the wines listed in the laboratory protocol and as a result, all of them consented to receive certificates.

According to the same data, the National Wine Agency's tasting commission conducted 23 tastings for the organoleptic testing of the alcoholic drinks of grape origin. In total, 789 samples were presented, 62 of them were evaluated negatively and the rest 727 - positively. 

Quality control is one of the top priorities of the National Wine Agency. In recent years, work has intensified in this direction, which is a constant irreversible process.