Posted: 1 month ago

Naberauli Stored its Wines in South of France Reducing Delivery Time Throughout Europe

"Naberauli" Rachuli and Lechkhumi wines will be sold on the French market. The company initially sent several hundred bottles to France. The next order will be fulfilled in the near future.

As Sopo Kobaidze, head of export sales of "Naberauli" told, their wines, with a full assortment, were stored in the south of France, namely in the Languedoc region, which allows the company to send wine to any country of the European Union in the shortest possible time.

"We have Rachuli green, Tsolikouri, Tvishi, Alexandrouli, Saperavi-Dzelshavi, Khvanchkara and Kvevari Rachuli green, made in the French warehouse using the classical method. French customers especially like Tsolikouri and Alexandrouli. The French consumer values ​​foreign imported wine quite strictly, and we are glad that interest in us is growing recently. The Kvevri method played a special role in this.

In addition to France, our wine is sold in 7 export markets, including Great Britain, Finland, Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland. As for the volume, we send the largest amount of wine to the USA" - notes Sofo Kobaidze.

The representative of "Naberauli" also talks about the future plans of the company in the direction of export. According to him, the company is also working on entering the Asian market.

"Naberauli is a young brand and has just completed its first year of operation in the market, the shares of local sales and export sales are almost equal, but of course we expect the export share to increase in the future.

As for new markets, based on the fact that our initial goal was to enter the European and American markets, which we have already achieved, at this stage we are mobilizing in the direction of Asia," he says.