Posted: 2 years ago

Mtevino Wines to Go to England

As a result of successful negotiations, Mtevino wines will be exported to England, after the USA, China, and Germany. Active negotiations are underway with Poland too. ‘Our products are exported to China, America, Germany. We sell about 500,000 bottles to China.

Recently we have sent 5,000 bottles to the USA. The new batch will be sent by the end of 2020. As for Germany, our wines are sent for promo activities there, but the contract will be signed soon and the export volumes will be specified. We also plan to introduce our wines onto the English online store. Negotiations are underway with other importers too, Mtevino company representatives noted

In 2020, the company added a new wine variety - Kisi fermented in Qvevri. 85% of the produced wines are exported and 15% are sold on the Georgia market. The company launched operations in September 2019. Mtevino owns vineyards of 10 hectares in the village of Khashmi, Kakhti Region, winery and a 5-suite hotel.