Posted: 3 weeks ago

Mariam Gujabidze: IWSC Competition will Help Georgian Winemakers to Enter the International Market

The International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) will be held in Georgia on October 13.

Mariam Gujabidze, goodwill ambassador of the competition, talks about the importance of the competition and the opportunities for Georgian winemakers in the "Business Partner" program.

"A very prestigious and amazing event is taking place in the field of wine, in exactly 1 month, on October 13, the international wine competition will be held. Bringing the experience of the jury and members to Georgia is of special importance, both for the wine and tourism sectors," says Mariam Gujabidze.

According to her, it is important that the competition will not end on October 15, the organization will continue to promote Georgian wine for 1 year, on all its platforms and social networks.

"As for the members of the jury, there are not only representatives of the wine industry, there are also buyers, whose communication will give Georgian winemakers the opportunity to enter the international market. Each wine is discussed in detail, and all notes, related to taste qualities, etc., are written and given to the participants. In addition to someone winning, it is a great experience for everyone. For example, small wineries will be able to go abroad, send their samples and become a member of this community. Registration has already been announced on the IWS website, which will last until October 7, and winemakers must to be submitted to the National Wine Agency", Mariam Gujabidze notes.

For information, the competition was founded in 1969 by the Austrian wine chemist, Anton Massel.