Posted: 1 year ago

MadaMwine Starts Exporting Wine for Women to Singapore

Singapore is the latest addition to MadaMwine's export portfolio, as announced by founder Manana Akhvlediani in an interview with "Business Partner". Negotiations with Singapore have been successfully concluded and an agreement has been signed to initially export 1,200 bottles of wine.

Besides established success in European markets, MadaMwine plans to expand to Singapore and Hong Kong this year. Additionally, Poland has increased its order to 2,400 bottles of wine.

Akhvlediani notes that all MadaMwine products are 100% exportable, with high demand in the Baltic countries and Poland.

MadaMwine, which launched in late 2016 in Georgia, currently offers five types of wine catering to women of different character and social status. These include "Hostess", used for cooking, and "Rose", a low-alcohol option targeting young people.

To meet rising demand in international markets, MadaMwine plans to increase production in the near future.