Posted: 1 year ago

Lost Eden Enters the U.S Market

The Georgian wine Lost Eden entered the U.S market.

According to the general director of Partner Fund, Davit Saganelidze, one of their projects is to create a policy for the entry of Georgian wine into the American market and to study the wine policy.

Currently, the wine is sold in 3-4 states.

"Levan Gachechiladze also participated in this project. Thus, a lot was done, we selected the brand that was most liked in the American market and working, created a bottle design and etiquette. A marketing system was set up and today several containers are out in the US market.

There may not be big sales at this time. Putting wine on the shelf in the American market and selling it is not easy. However, the popularity of the brand has an upward tendency.", noted Davit Saganelidze.