Posted: 2 years ago

KTW to Build Two Eco Villages in 2021

Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking (KTW) plans to build two eco-villages in 2021, including Kindzmarauli Wine Village.

The construction works will start in spring 2021. As noted by the KTW founder, the project designing works are in the active phase, and construction works will start in March 2021.

“This is a wonderful French project, directly related to the tourism industry. This is a new world, where we offer customers to not only buy villas in this village but also to enjoy a synthesis of winemaking tradition and modern technologies, where people are able to get full information about winemaking”, Zurab Chkhaidze told Business Partner.

KTW Group plans to invest over GEL 100 million in several projects, including in the construction of wine villages, arranging vineyards in various regions of Georgia, the businessman noted. Founded in 2001, KTW is one of the biggest winemaking and spirits manufacturing companies in Georgia, producing wines, fizzy and sparkling wines, brandy, chacha, based on traditional Georgian technologies. KTW Group exports wines to over 20 countries. The company owns vineyards on over 1020 hectares in Georgia and plans to expand the space up to 1,700 hectares.

Besides the winemaking industry, KTW Group is also represented on the development market.