Posted: 4 years ago

KTW to Arrange Vineyards on Unprecedented Space in Gurjaani

Gurjaani AGRO, an affiliated company of KTW Group, plans to arrange new vineyards on the unprecedented space, where the emphasis will be placed on automation. The company plans to cover over 1500 hectares.

In this way, the group will introduce Euro-standards and this factor will make essential contribution to effective development of major winegrowing. As noted by Gurjaani Agro representatives, the company has already bought Wagner grapes planting machines that arrange grape plants in the shortest period with high quality and minimum costs.

In 2020, the company will arrange vineyards on 700 hectares. KTW owns 3 wineries in Kakheti Region: Patardzeuli winery, Manavi winery and Velistsikhe winery. All three enterprise manufacture wines, brandy and Chacha. At this stage, KTW exports products to more than 20 countries. As part of info tour, the tour participants visited Akhasheni – Wine Resort and Spa in Akhasheni microzone. This is an important location for wine tourism development.

At this stage, KTW operates in several business sectors, including: agribusiness sector, hospitality sector, development and food brand Nena. It should be noted that in 2020 KTW will also open Chateau Askana in Guria region to develop viticulture and winegrowing in Guria.