Posted: 3 years ago

KTW Group’s New Initiative for Arranging New Settlements and Creating Job Places in Kakheti Region

KTW Group has proposed a new initiative for Kakheti Region development and creating new job places.

The project calls for employing unused lands in Sagarejo, Sighnaghi, and Dedoplistskaro District along with the rover Iori, building residential houses, and developing due infrastructure. Forcibly displaced persons and citizens waiting for residential apartments will be offered to settle these houses. As part of this initiative, KTW Group will offer new settlers to engage in various business activities of the company and create permanent job places for them. KTW Group has started arranging olive and hazelnuts plantations and vineyards in the mentioned district.

Notably that the demand for walnuts varieties grows on export markets. The company plans to further expand business activities in this direction. Therefore, these projects require an engagement of significant human resources in the long-term period. Agribusiness, construction sector, management are the fields, where the company will take specific and essential steps to create new job places for new settlers.

“This project is one of the samples of how the private sector creates new job places in the country. At this stage, 150-200 persons have engaged in the works. The figure will reach 500-1000 persons in autumn. We will create job places for new settlers if the Government demonstrates readiness. Our plans require an engagement of thousands of our citizens”, Zurab Chkhaidze, KTW Group founder and director-general noted.