Posted: 1 year ago

Korea Interested in Importing Georgian Wine Made from Lilac 

Monika Sandodze decided to use the experience she gained while studying in France and started distilling the lilac flower. In turn, she turned the distilled liquid into a 40% alcoholic drink. As Monika mentions in a conversation with BM.GE, the first year was a test, however, she received positive feedback and now produces much higher quality products.

According to the founder of "Monlilac,"  there are almost no alcoholic beverages made from plants in Georgia; her product is a novelty even for foreign countries, so it receives the greatest interest from tourists.

"I wanted to try something new during the pandemic. While studying in France, I had contact with flower distillation and alcoholic beverages, so I used this experience. Besides, in Georgia they mainly make fruit drinks, and this was a novelty, so it took me an entire year to do the testing, after which I received positive feedback. It's already the third year I've been making this product, and the quality, taste, and demand have increased by 50%. Such a drink is a novelty for foreign countries as well, so the biggest interest comes from tourists," says Monika Sandodze.

The alcoholic beverage Lilac was also featured at a Georgian products exhibition in Korea, and it was so well received that the company plans to enter the Korean export market alongside Europe next year.

Monika explained that lilacs only bloom for one month, so she is quite limited in time. Nevertheless, "Monlilac’’ is currently available in 10 wine bars and shops in Tbilisi, and its price varies between 50-90 GEL.