Posted: 3 years ago

Kindzmarauli Wine Village to Build in Kvareli

Kindzmarauli Wine Village will be built in Kvareli, which, according to the founder of KTW group, Zurab Chkhaidze is a challenge for the company.

"This is the mix of European experiences and Georgian tradition. Because of the pandemic, our plans have been suspended, we've also had negotiations underway with neighboring countries, from which large companies expressed interest, and we thought, that this would change after the pandemic. However, this did not happen and the interest from them is still high.", noted Zurab Chkhaidze.

Kindzmarauli wine village will have sectorally divided villas. Moreover, a wine cellar will be set up and Georgian varieties of the vine will be cultivated in the village.

"Investor, who will buy the villa, will be served by Chateau Kindzmarauli and will receive 200 bottles of wine annually. Additionally, visitors will be able to be introduced to vineyards, taste the wine and then make a decision. Apart from this, Kindzmarauli Wine Village will offer customers restaurants, different food facilities, and tours. Also, the business center located in the Kindzmarauli village will offer youth masterclasses. These will be held by well-known winemakers from Georgia and other countries", declared Zurab Chkhaidze.