Posted: 4 weeks ago

Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar Wins Golden Cup at International Wine Challenge 2021

Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar (KWC) has gained a huge victory – Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar products have deserved the highest scores and won the Golden Cup at the world’s one of the most important and influential contests International Wine Challenge 2021.

Thousands of wines were represented from 50 countries at IWC 2021. Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar’s Kakhuri 2013 was named the best wine product of IWC 2021 and the only Georgian wine that has won the Golden Cup (Georgian Wine Trophy). Noteworthy that the Best of the Best wines win the Golden Cup every year.

Wine experts have conferred the highest scores to Kindzmarauli 2020 wine and granted the silver medal, while the bronze medal was transmitted to the 2019 Khikhvi wine.

"International Wine Challenge“is the world’s most important and influential contest that was established 38 years ago. The contest is held in London, Great Britain, every year. Global wine experts appraise winner wines by random tasting and award winner products with golden, silver, and bronze medals. The objective of the contest is to reveal the world’s best wine.