Posted: 3 years ago

Kindzmarauli Company Expands Exports Markets

JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli has expanded the export markets. Namely, the company has penetrated new markets in England and Finland.

The company has already transported wines to the mentioned countries. As the company director general Nugzar Qsovreli told Business Partner, negotiations are underway with several new partners. Kvareli-based winery exports 80% of its wine products to 24 countries under the trademark of Duruji, Qsovreli noted. ‘Before the pandemic, we used to supply 20-25% of our wines to the domestic market.

Now, these indicators have changed. Foreign tourists’ inflow has zeroed in practice and this factor has affected our sales too. Consequently, today the company supplies only 8-10% of its wines to the domestic market”, Nugzar Qsovreli said. The company owns 180 hectares of vineyards and a winery in the Kakheti Region. At this stage, the company produces 25 wine varieties, 2.5 million bottles a year. Kindzmarauli also produces Chacha. JSC Corporation Kindzmarauli has also engaged in hotel business in Kakheti Region. The company owns Chateau Kvareli and plans to open a new 5-star hotel in Sighnaghi in 2022.