Posted: 7 months ago

Khomli's Usakhelouri is Now Available at Hedonism Wines in London

The most expensive Georgian wine in Georgia, "Khomlis Usakhelouri" is on the list of favorite wines of the Hedonism Wines store in London.

According to wine producer Tamaz Omanadze, "Usakhelouri" is the most expensive new wine presented in the English store. White wine costs 500 euros, while red wine, also under the Usakhelouri brand, sells for 900£. 

"Our wine is now presented in the most expensive segment in London, which is a great victory of Georgian winemaking. Hedonism Wines have strong experts who inspect the product at a high level before purchasing and are the most critical evaluators."

As Tamaz Omanadze mentioned, Georgia should have a healthy ambition, and a large part of Georgian wines should be presented in a high segment and be highly competitive.

Khomli's Usakhelouri is also available on the local market in small amounts. One can purchase it in 8000 Vintages, Wine Gallery, and Marriott. 

The cost of "Khomli Usakhelouri" in Georgia is 830 GEL.