Posted: 3 weeks ago

Khomlis Marani's Usakhelauri is on Sale in London for 900 Pounds

Kvevri wine "Khomlis Usakhelouri" and "Tsolikauri" is sold for several hundred pounds at the HEDONISM wine boutique in London.

One bottle of Tsolikauri costs 900 pounds, according to the company's founder Tamaz Omanadze, whereas Tsolikauri costs 500 pounds. He said that the products of "Khomli Marani" had to pass a strict test before being offered in one of London's most prominent wine shops.

"They found me and took wine. Both our Tsolikauri and Usakhelauri underwent the strictest tasting, at a very high level. Going through this tasting for the wine, consider that it is the biggest appreciation.

The sommelier of this store valued it and one bottle of Usakhelauri was priced at 900 pounds, this price was set for the bottle of wine at the store and on the website. It was a great recognition for me," said Tamaz Omanadze, the founder of Khomlis Marani.

All products marketed under the Khomlis Marani label are bio-certified and meet EU standards. The founder of the company says that the company received the first bio-certificate in 2016 and has been taking appropriate steps in this direction since then because Tamaz Omanadze believes that Georgia has great potential in terms of production and export of organic products.

"I wanted one of my vineyards in Lechkhumi to be bio-certified. In 2016 we got our first bio certificate. Has been under surveillance since 2013. Since then, all the products we have added have been bio-certified by the European Union," said the founder of Khomlis Marani.

The company was assisted in the development of the production process by a project GRETA, co-financed by the European Union, Austria, and Sweden.