Posted: 3 years ago

Kenichi Ohashi: The Quality of Georgian Wine has Absolutely Increased

The quality level of Georgian wine is higher compared to the previous years. The only master of wine in Japan, Kenichi Ohashi, talked about it after the Georgian wine tasting held in Tbilisi.

Master of wine, head of the National Wine Agency contractor company "Red Bridge", Kenichi Ohashi, was visiting Georgia with the group of Japanese wine importers and sommeliers.

Within the tour, the guests visited Georgian wine producing companies in Kakheti and Kartli, where they got acquainted with the Georgian wine-making technology. Wine tasting of various companies was also held in Tbilisi, where wine professionals tasted about 100 different types of wine of 27 wine companies.

"Entire average quality level  is absolutely increasing compared to the previous years. The variation of the styles is diverging widely and widely, it  means, that every producer is considering a lot to target much more higher quality and interesting style for the global market and today’s average quality compared with the last year is absolutely higher”, noted Kenichi Ohashi. 

Japanese master of wine Kenichi Ohashi was a member of the jury of the 11th International Wine Competition at the 12th International Exhibition of WinExpo Georgia 2019.