Posted: 4 years ago

Ilia Kakhoidze Elected as a Member of Honor of Monaco Sommelier Association

For his contribution to the promotion of Georgian wine, Ilia Kakhoidze, the head of the French wine promoter company LEON PONT CAUCASIEN, was elected as a member of honor of the Monaco Sommelier Association.

The 28th Monaco Association Gala was held in Monte Carlo. Ilia Kakhoidze was granted the  title of honor  by the Association's President, Dominique Milliard.

“I think we should be proud of the fact that there is only one new member, who is engaged in the promotion of Georgian wine, elected at the Monaco Sommelier Association gala, where all influential figures in this field are invited. Visitors to the gala evening said, "We all feel like Georgians," I think that's important and exiting. All this is the result of right, deliberate and tireless work,” said Ilia Kakhoidze.

To promote Georgian wines in France, the National Wine Agency has been working with the company LE PONT CAUCASIEN since 2015. The company organizes presentations of Georgian wines at various events in France. Under the initiative of the president of LE PONT CAUCASIEN and Monaco Sommelier Association Dominic Millard, Georgian wine tastings were held in Monaco as well, resulting in listing Georgian wine in the menus of Monaco restaurants.