Posted: 11 months ago

Iago's Wine Sends More Than Thousand Bottles of Wine to China in Fall

"Iago's Wine" sends 1,200 bottles of wine to China in September.

"The new market is important for us and we started thinking about developing this market during the pandemic; we decided to expand our markets along with developing the old," explained Iago Bitarishvili at

He added that the demand for natural wine in the European market has increased so much that it is difficult to satisfy the market.

"Compared to 2021, this year the company's demand from the European market has increased by 30-40%. We did not expect such high growth, which is related to the easing of the pandemic. The general situation is really positive and the export markets are more active," Iago Bitarishvili added.

 The company was the first in Georgia who received the first Bio Certificate in Georgia in 2005. The wine cellar produces 5000 bottles of white dried natural wines per year. At this stage, 100% of the wine is produced in the wine cellar exports. The vineyard is cultivated in Mtskheta village. Chalk Traditional and ecological methods are used in vineyards, grapes, and wine-making processes. The company produces wine from one of the best Georgian varieties of grapes in the Chinuri traditional "traditional" queens.