Posted: 3 years ago

GWS Becomes Major Producer of Khvanchkara Wine

GWS has become a major producer of Khvanchkara wines. Georgian Wine and Spirits Company (GWS) has bought Zedashe enterprise and its vineyards of 9 hectares in the Racha Region.

The vineyards are located in the village of Sadmeli, in the distinguished microzone of Khvanchkara. Traditional vine varieties of the Racha Region grow in the vineyard: Aleksandrouli (30%) and Mujuretuli (70%).

As a result of this deal, the total space of GWS Vineyards in the Racha Region has increased to 18 hectares. The winery located in the heart of the vineyards enables to receive grapes without transportation and this factor ensures the production of high-quality wines. During the vintage, grapes are pressed and fermented on the spot. “Khvanchkara holds a special place in GWS production. This is the wine from a historical location and it is our priority.

In general, GWS prioritizes to diversify terroirs”, GWS executive director and winemaker Phillipe Lespi told Business Partner. It is planned to arrange vineyards of other domestic varieties such as Tetra and Dzelshavi. The company will also bring yet unknown varieties for Racha’s rich terroir to produce dry wines and new blends in this region. As noted by Phillipe Lespi, the company owner Marussia Beverages has invested over EUR 20 million in Georgia for developing winegrowing and winemaking. The company plans to invest the same amount again in the business expansion.