Posted: 3 months ago

Gvardzelashvili Cellar Doubled Exports During Pandemic

Gvardzelashvili Cellar located in the village of Kondoli, Telavi district, doubled its exports during pandemic. 

Giorgi Ghvardzelashvili, the founder of the winery, says with "Business Partner" that the demand for small wineries' wines has increased during this period. "Wine exports have increased, which we can't say about the sale of wine locally. Since the flights were stopped and tourists can no longer enter the country, quite a lot of bookings were canceled from travel companies. For example, in 2020, 2860 reservations, which was quite a loss for my company, "- said Gvardzelashvili.

At the moment, Gvardzelashvili Cellar produces 5,000 bottles a year, most of them for export. According to Giorgi Ghvardzelashvili, wine is sold locally in only two wine bars. Export geography includes America, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Holland.

In the village of Kondoli, Telavi district, on 2 hectares of land, Gvardzelashvili produces 3 types of bio-wine - Saperavi, Kondoluri and Zhghia.