Posted: 1 year ago

''Grapes Used to Make Popular European Wines May be from Georgia''-Daily Mail

''The grapes used to make popular French, Italian and Spanish wines may not be from Europe but instead from the Western Asian country of Georgia, a study has suggested,''writes Rachael Bunyan for Daily Mail. 

As the writer explains, Italian scientists analysed 204 genomes of common grape vines in Georgia and found that evidence to suggest that a single 'domestication event' occurred in Western Asia.

''The grapes were dispersed from West Asia to Europe in a move driven by human migration and maritime trades.   

The findings differ from other theories which suggest that the European wines came from wild grape species on the continent without interbreeding with grapes from Western Europe. 

Georgia has boasted that it has been making wine for 8,000 years - longer than any other nation - since archaeologists found traces of wine residue in ancient clay vessels,''reads the article. 

The author of the article also mentions Gadachrili Gora and Shulaveris Gora, the excavated sites containing the remains of two Neolithic villages. 

The article has been published on Daily Mail on December 22, written by Rachael Bunyan.

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