Posted: 1 month ago

German Wine Professionals Visit Georgia to Diversify Local Wine Market

In order to increase the export potential of Georgian wine on the German market, a group of German wine professionals visited Georgia with the support of the National Wine Agency and the organization of the agency's contractor German marketing company "ff.k Public Relations".

The group included sommeliers, including 3 masters of wine, as well as wine journalists who visited Georgian wine-producing companies in Kartli and Kakheti and tasted different styles of Georgian wine. In addition, within the framework of the tour, a special tasting (Speed Tasting) was organized in Tbilisi, where 20 Georgian wine-producing companies presented their products to wine professionals for evaluation and recommendations.

"Within the framework of cooperation with the National Wine Agency, we visited Georgia together with a group of sommeliers and wine masters to familiarize ourselves with Georgian wine. Our goal is to present the diversity of Georgian wine, Georgian traditions and culture to the group of visitors, in order to give German and international wine world professionals an opportunity to further support Georgian wine," said Lara Behrendsen, Marketing Manager of "ff.k Public Relations".

According to the master of wine and sommelier, Konstantin Baum, it is great that the young generation is involved in the process of wine production.

"I have never been to Georgia, however, I have heard a lot about Georgia and Georgian wine. The first thing that comes to mind about Georgia is the traditional method of making wine in Qvevri and the history of the country. It is a surprising and interesting fact for me that the young generation of wine producers, in addition to the traditional method, also uses modern technologies, they have new ideas and concepts, as well as remarkable local varieties of vine. I hope to see even more and I want to repeat the experience of Georgian wine and travel to Georgia in the future." - noted Konstantin Baum.

In order to promote Georgian wine and increase its export potential, the cooperation of the National Wine Agency with the German company "ff.k Public Relations" began in 2021 and continues actively this year.