Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Wines at BeoWine for the first time

Beowine 2020 will be a place where wine traditions and cultures from the Atlantic to the Caucasus meet. The largest wine fair in Serbia will feature wines from Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia…

When the pyramids were built in Giza, wine had been made in the territory of present-day Georgia for 3,500 years! The incredibly long tradition of wine-making in Georgia makes this drink an indispensable part of this country’s national identity, and making wine in “kvevri” clay jugs included their wine in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Wines from this country will be presented at Beowine Fair2020, in line with the wishes of many wine lovers in Serbia who have so far been denied the oenological treasure of Georgia.

Various workshops will be organized at the gallery of Hall 3, with participation of current caterers and other city “big shots” announced.