Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Wine took Prominent Place Among 5 Best Rated Wines in 2020 by Simon Woolf

The founder and editor of The Morning Claret, author of the bestselling "Amber Revolution" Simon Woolf, who is considered one of the best wine master in the world, introduced five wines to the reader in a summary article in 2020, one of which was Georgian wine Saperavi, made in 2016. 

''The expansion in the number of Georgia’s small, artisan wineries continues apace. There are plenty of misses, bandwagon jumpers, clumsy wines. And then there are real stars emerging. So far, this is the only wine I’ve tried from Bio Marani – a family winery based in Kakheti, Georgia. It’s exceptional.

Now about that name – Bio Marani – is a little inspirational, as their tech sheets list their grapes as “in conversion to organic”. But it’s a good start.

Some of Georgia’s growers seem to delight that their Saperavi is reaching 16% alcohol or more. I recoil in horror. Here, restraint was exercised and the result is a seriously smashable wine that reminded me of great Loire Cab Franc. Saperavi’s crunchy red berry is present and correct, as are its grippy but ripe tannins and its spiciness. Then there’s just the right lick of gamey, earthy funk – again think Cab Franc. It really adds excitement.

This Saperavi is a true vin de soif, loaded with typicity and energy. And as with all good qvevri wines, the lack of oak or excess oxidation makes it particularly joyful. And thank you Bio Marani for releasing this 2016 now, and not when it was still in nappies. These wines have so much more to give with a few years’ bottle age.

If the Kisi and the Khikhvi are this good, there’s a treat in store.On that basis alone, I’m looking forward to 2021. Cheers!''-writes Simon Woolf. 

In addition to Georgian wine, Spanish, French, Slovak and Italian wines deserved Simon Woolf's assessment of the year.