Posted: 1 week ago

Georgian Wine Tasting and Master Class Held in Leipzig, Germany

With the support of the National Wine Agency and the Georgian Business Development Center (GBDC) organization, 36 Georgian wine-producing companies presented more than 100 different wines at the tasting held in Leipzig.

Among the guests of the Georgian wine tasting event were representatives of the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Georgian diaspora of Leipzig, wine shops, restaurants, and the private sector, wine traders, and marketers from various German cities. Georgian wine from both small wineries and large and medium-sized companies was presented at the tasting.

The presentations were led by the head of the Georgian Business Development Center (GBDC) Sergo Baramidze and Georgian winemakers.

Within the framework of the event, through an online master class, the guests had the opportunity to learn about the history of Georgian wine, the diversity of grape varieties, and an overview of the Georgian wine industry. The master class was held by David Chichua, the head of the long-term viticulture and winemaking research service of the Jighaura Scientific Research Center of Agriculture. 

Organized by the Georgian Business Development Center (GBDC0), events promoting the popularization of Georgian wine and increasing sales, including meetings and tastings of representatives of the business sector, were also held in German cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Geisenheim, and Frankfurt.