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Georgian Wine Takes Center Stage at London Wine Fair: Unveiling Rich Cultural Heritage and Ancestral Traditions


With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, the wines of the mountainous region of Georgia will be presented in London, at the most intellectual exhibition in the world, London Wine Fair.

London Wine Fair is an annual large-scale exhibition of the wine industry, held in England. This event brings together wine producers, wine experts, distributors, importers and buyers from all over the world to present exceptional wines and establish new business partnerships.

On May 15-17, over three days, 40 countries will present 14,000 wines at the most intelligent wine exhibition. The event will offer visitors various formats of acquaintance and tasting of wines from different regions, the exchange of various winemaking technologies, multi-thematic seminars and master classes covering the entire sector - from wine tasting, talking about industry trends and problems, including building business connections in the industry.

The show is considered one of the largest and most important wine events in the UK, attracting thousands of industry professionals every year.

New business connections, future partners, sponsors and a wide range of opportunities for the development of production - this is an incomplete list of benefits that participation in the London Wine Fair will give Georgian wine producers.

With the support of the European Union, Sweden and Austria, within the framework of the GRETA project, this year 6 Georgian wine producers are participating in the London Wine Fair:

- Tamaz Omanadze - "Khomli Marani"

- Shorena Pataridze - "Pataridze’s Rachuli”

- Zurab Maisashvili - "Gvinuka Winery"

- Paata Sharashenidze - "Okureshuli Winery"

- Mirza Devidze - "Perevisa Winery"

- Sophio Samteladze - "Lomtadze Family Wine"

New collaborations, sponsors, and a wide range of production development opportunities - this is an incomplete list of benefits that 6 Georgian wine producers will receive by participating in the London Wine Fair!

Georgian entrepreneurs participating in the London Wine Fair and interesting stories of their wine creation

With the support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria, wine producers from the highland region of Georgia will present themselves at the London Wine Fair with expanded production capacity.

"Khomli Marani"

Since 2012, "Khomli Marani" under the direction of Tamaza Omanadze, has been producing bio-chacha and certified bio-organic Qvevri wine using traditional methods. The mystical Khvamly mountain slopes host a unique variety of grapes that are carefully nurtured by Tamaz Omnadze, who continues the thousand-year tradition of tending to the vines by hand, without any machinery. It's worth noting that "Khomli Winery" is the only organic wine producer in Western Georgia, and the first company to produce bio-certified wine from the rarest Qvevri grape variety without labeling.

"Pataridze’s Rachuli”

Nestled in the rugged mountains of Racha, where the air is pure and the earth untainted, lies "Pataridze Rachauli" - a winery unlike any other. At an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, biologically pure vineyards burst forth from the rocky terrain, basking in the warm sun and crisp mountain air. Here, the elusive Alexandreuli and Mujuretuli grape varieties flourish in a specific microzone, their essence captured in each bottle of "Pataridze Rachauli" wine. The winery's mission is one - to resurrect the art of crafting wine. With an unwavering dedication to traditional winemaking methods, "Pataridze Rachauli" cultivates each grape with tender care and respect for the land.

"Gvinuka Winery"

In the serene village of Tsesi, Ambrolauri municipality, lies the first organic winery in the Racha region - Gvinuka. Its founder, Zurab Maisashvili, has been tirelessly crafting this divine nectar since 2018, inspired by the ancient traditions of local winemaking. Gvinuka is not just a winery, it's a sanctuary of authenticity, where every grape is handpicked and nurtured with love and care. The vineyard is home to the Rachuli white, Tsolikauri, Rachuli old black and Mujuretuli grape varieties - each blessed with its unique character and charm. In 2020, Gvinuka proudly received a bio-certificate, a testament to its commitment to producing wines that are not only delicious but also environmentally sustainable. Despite its traditional roots, Gvinuka has its eyes firmly set on the future, embracing the modern market while preserving the ancient art of winemaking.

"Okureshuli Winery"

In the verdant valleys of Georgia lies a winery of exceptional quality - "Okureshuli Winery" - a cooperative of ten members. Through a reorganization of roles and a pooling of resources, this cooperative has crafted wines that stand unrivaled in their quality and finesse. With a firm commitment to excellence and a shared belief in the strength of unity, these ten artisans have toiled and labored for six years to establish the "Okureshuli Winery" - a symbol of their collective vision and unyielding determination to create the finest wines possible. 

"Perevisa Winery"

Perevisa Winery, located in the ancient region of Imereti, has been creating truly exceptional wines since 2020. Committed to quality, Perevisa cultivates its own unique vineyard, imbuing each grape with the essence of the rugged terrain that surrounds it. And now, in 2023, with the support of the European Union, Sweden and Austria, within the framework of the GRETA project, the Perevisa winery is waiting for a bio-certified harvest of the best quality.

"Lomtadze Family Wine"

In the heart of mountainous Racha, the Lomtadze family has dedicated their lives to the art of winemaking, the cultivation of rare grape varieties and the production of fine wines. Over the years, their passion and dedication have led to the production of truly unique wines, and since 2015 they have been proud to present the “Lomtadze Family Wine” to the world. Alexandrouli, Mujuretuli, Tsulukidze Tetra and Tsolikauri are the varieties of wines that future partners, international companies and visitors will be able to taste at the London Wine Fair. 

The participation in London Wine Fair offers a momentous occasion for Georgian wine producers, a platform to showcase their rich cultural heritage to the world. Thanks to the generous support of the European Union, Sweden, and Austria through the GRETA project, winemakers can present their exceptional wines and unravel the secrets of their ancestral traditions. It is an event filled with pride, emotion, and a deep sense of responsibility, as each winemaker becomes an ambassador of their country's wine-making legacy. For Georgian wine producers, it is a moment to savor and a chance to leave an indelible impression on the global wine community.