Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian Wine Receives Top Awards at Galicja Vitis - 2020

Georgian wines received several awards at international wine competition GALICJA VITIS 2020 which was held in Poland.

Wine from Telavi Old Cellar "Archil's Wine, Rkatsiteli 2015" won in two categories: it received Grand Gold medal in the category of dry white wine and became a champion. Moreover, it won a special award for the best natural wine in this competition.

Gold medals were granted to the wines, including:

▪Gelovani Wine - Kakhuri Mtsvane, 2018;

▪The company "Artisan" – “Orange Affair Mtsvane Rkatsiteli, 2019“;

▪The company „Katewines“ – „Kvevri Saperavi, 2017.

The overall idea of International Wine Competition GALICJA VITIS 2020 is to cultivate historical wine-related traditions and friendly relations with neighboring wine-producing countries of Central Europe. The direct goal of the Competitions is to compare the quality of wines from Central Europe with those originated from the rest of the world and to promote culture of wine even in non-producing regions.

Up to 500 varieties of wine were presented on the competition from the different countries.