Posted: 5 years ago

Georgian Wine Presented in Krakow

Georgian wine was presented at “Confetti Wine Fest”, the first festival of natural wines held in Krakow, Poland.

Mariusz Kapczynski, head of the National Wine Agency contractor company "Vinesfera", organized the event "Georgia, where it all began ...", where Georgian Qvevri wine was presented.

The event was attended by the local sommeliers, restaurant owners, journalists and wine professionals. Mariusz Kapczynski talked about the culture and history of Georgian wine and diversity of Georgian grape varieties. The guests were able to taste the following Georgian wines: "Rkatsiteli 2017" (Telavi Wine Cellar), "Saperavi 2017" (Telavi Wine Cellar), "Chinuri 2015" (Beka Gotsadze), "Krakhuna 2016" (Amiran Vepkhvadze), “Rkatsiteli 2017” (Asadeli) And "Saperavi 2017" (Levan Shiukashvili).

Poland is a strategic market of Georgian wines where the National Wine Agency carries out active marketing activities to promote Georgian wine. According to the data of January-April of the current year, Poland is in the fourth place on the list of exporter countries. During this period, Georgia has exported up to 1,2 million bottles of wine to Poland, with a growth of 16% in comparison with the same period of the last year.