Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian Wine Participates at the Stockholm Exhibition

One of the largest wine and food exhibition, “Stockholm Food and Wine 2019”, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, with 12 Georgian wine producers participating with the support of the National Wine Agency.

The exhibition is very popular in the Scandinavian region and is visited by over 40,000 wine professionals and consumers each year.

Participating in the exhibition, Georgian wine producers have the opportunity to introduce their own products to Swedish consumers, local experts, sommeliers, wine specialists and importers whose contacts play an important role in establishing the Georgian market in the Swedish market.

Exhibitors and Swedish consumers have shown a growing interest in Georgian wines in recent years, according to official wine statistics. 65 thousand bottles of was wine exported to Sweden in the first 10 months of this year, which is an increase of 460% compared to the same period last year.