Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Wine Guild” is Starting an Important Project for Viticulture and winemaking Development

LTD “Georgian Wine Guild” is starting an important project for viticulture and winemaking development.

Quality Guarantee - – is a portal which will consolidate the list of high quality wines of Georgia.

The website content will be available in seven languages, which will provide local and international users and consumers with detailed information on the wine manufacturers, wine types, grape varieties and points given to wines in sensory tasting. The website will also provide the description of the organoleptic characteristics and recommendations about wine and food pairings, which will help service providers (restaurants and bars) to improve their wine service.

The aim of the portal is to present Georgian quality wines and alcoholic drinks in one online platform.

The purpose and practical meaning of the project is:

  • Promotion of Georgian wine, grape varieties and traditional technologies;
  • Promotion of realization of Georgian quality wine and alcoholic drinks made of grapes;
  • Getting a niche at local and international markets (in specific price segments);
  • Motivating wine manufacturers.

Participation in the project is open to small sized cellars, as well as large enterprises manufacturing alcoholic drinks made of grapes. 

The project encompasses highly qualified tasters with vast experience, who will evaluate drinks on a 100-point system (in accordance with the OIV regulation).

Important: The website will feature only those wines and alcoholic drinks made of grapes which obtain 80 – 100 points.

In the event of identification of any type of faults or defects by the commission, the information will be supplied to the manufacturer only. Upon their request, manufacturers can receive free consulting services from Georgian Wine Guild.