Posted: 5 months ago

Georgian Wine Exports Surge by 30% in First Five Months of 2023

Georgia has witnessed a robust 30% surge in its wine exports during the period from January to May in 2023. The value of the wine exported within these first five months was $103.5 million, a significant leap from the roughly $80 million recorded during the same period the previous year.

Natural grape wines continue to be one of the principal export commodities for Georgia, securing the third position in the list of the country's largest commodity groups. These wine exports contribute to 4.1% of Georgia's total export value.

The Russian market remains the top destination for Georgian wines, with exports valued at $69.1 million. China also emerges as a noteworthy market, with wine exports to the country reaching a value of $5.1 million. This increase in wine exports underscores the global appreciation for Georgia's viticulture and the nation's position as a key player in the international wine market.