Posted: 2 years ago

Georgian Grey Winery’s Blue Wine KESANE Goes to Japan

George Grey Winery launched the production of blue wine KESANE amid the pandemic in 2021. Despite the harsh times in the business sector, Georgia Grey Winery bottled blue Wine KESANE by the combination of white and black grapes.

The new product has attracted Japanese wine lovers too.

As the winery founder and commercial director, Giorgi Rukhadze told Business Partner, the first batch of KESANE wine have been already sent to Japan and the product will appear in Japanese sales networks soon. The idea was proposed by one of the partners Tata Sauri.

“We have worked on developing this product for a year. Georgian winemakers, winemaking technologists, foreign specialists were involved in the process, and in this way, we have received the unique wine with special taste properties. With the 16% alcohol content, KESANE is a sweet wine. We were afraid that the market would not accept the new product positively, but everybody liked it. Initially, people taste this wine because of interest and frequently they buy this wine repeatedly. This fact signifies that consumers have liked it”, Rukhadze noted. Currently, KESANE is sold for GEL 50 at Alcorium, Tbileli Karvasla, Shaliauri, Meidan Bazar, and various restaurants and hotels. The product is also sold in online channels. 1 Comment