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Posted: 4 years ago

Georgian Film Georgia Homeland of Wine Received Special Prize at Marseille Cinematography Festival

The Georgian Scientific Art Documentary film "Georgia Homeland of Wine" was awarded a special prize of science and culture by the partners of the festival "Oenovideo" at Marseille Cinematography Festival, France.

This prize is traditionally given to a French or foreign film that presents cultural and scientific approach or method of wine and vine heritage.

The world's largest photography and cinematography festival dedicated to winemaking and viticulture – “Oenovideo",  is held annually in Marseille, France in the "Museum of the European and Mediterranean Civilizations. This year, 144 films from different countries participated in the selection and 37 of them were chosen for the nominee’s list, among which was “Georgia Homeland of Wine”.
The presentation of the film held in Marseille was attended by Deputy Head of the National Wine Agency Davit Tkemaladze and representatives of Georgian Embassy in France.

Representatives of the 26th festival jury were: Kethrin Lamore – producer and „Canal+“ journalist; Emmanuel Mure – movie director and producer; Nicolas Bride – “Cesar” award winner; guest invited by „Ciné Master Class“- Noel Balane – writer, musician and scripter. 

The film "Georgia Homeland of Wine" is dedicated to the international scientific research that has made historical discovery and scientifically proved, that Georgia is the homeland of wine and first wine production started here 8000 years ago and has continued until modern times. The film also covers the exhibition “Georgia – Cradle of Winemaking” held in 2017 at the Wine Civilization Center "Cité du Vine”.

The film was based on 4-year scientific research of Georgian and foreign scientists. With the initiative of the association "Georgian Wine" and support of the Government of Georgia, this project has been implemented since 2014 by the National Wine Agency. Along with the Georgian scientists, the staff of Pennsylvania, Montpellier, Milan, Copenhagen, Toronto universities, Israel's Weisman Institute and National Institute of Montpellier Agricultural Research (INRA) were involved in the international multidisciplinary project.

Scientific-documentary film was made with the support of LEPL National Wine Agency of the  Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and National Intellectual Property Center “Sakpatenti”. 

The author of the idea of the 40-minute film and producer of the direction is deputy chairman of the National Wine Agency Davit Tkemaladze, director Alexander Gabunia, producer -Giorgi Giashvili. Filming took place in Georgia and the United States, as well as in Italy and France. The movie is filmed on the base of "Cineman Film" studio.