Posted: 4 years ago

Georgia- Homeland of Wine Magazine was Presented at National Wine Agency

Presentation of Homeland of Wine (Georgia - Homeland of Wine)magazine was held at the National Wine Agency.

Homeland of Wine is the first periodical magazine on Georgian wines to support and promote Georgian wines within and outside the country. The magazine will be published quarterly and is bilingual: Georgian and English. Homeland of Wine tells readers about the people or companies that create Georgian wine and its modern history. The author and editor-in-chief of the project is Maia Javakhishvili, publisher of N Line Media Company.

The presentation was attended by the creative team of the magazine, representatives of the National Wine Agency and the winemaking industry.

“We have also started making Homeland Of Wine in homeland of wine to support Georgian wines, which still need a lot to stand out from other prestigious wines, and support the diversity of Georgian varieties, featured wines, small cellars or female winemakers, newly planted vineyards and restored varieties, issues that need solving and tips given by experienced winemakers. In every issue of the journal, along with industry specialists and professionals, we will try to tell you more about the country where wine is part of the culture and lifestyle”, says Maia Javakhishvili, editor of the magazine.

According to the Head of Marketing and PR Department of the National Wine Agency, Irakli Cholobargia, the title of the magazine "Georgia Wine Homeland" is a message to the whole world that wine is an integral part of ancient Georgian culture.

“I hope that through your magazine, many people will be able to get information about the history and culture of Georgian wine and its modern trends and achievements, get familiar with Georgian winemakers and their wines. I believe that in this way your readers will love and appreciate the Georgian wine, our country and our people, who have been producing this wine with great love for over 8 thousand years, ”said Irakli Cholobargia.