Posted: 1 year ago

From Shida Kartli to the World: The Rise of Barbales Marni Wines

After gaining popularity in the United States, "Barbales Marni" has now piqued the interest of the Canadian market. The founder of the winery, Zviad Kordzadze, shared this exciting news on the program "Business Rustavi 2".

He also revealed that European markets have shown a great interest in the wine produced in Shida Kartli, where the winery is located.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan has expressed a keen interest in purchasing the winery's blackberry wine. Kordzadze revealed that negotiations with the United States have been ongoing for a year and a half, and "Barbales Marni" wines will soon be sold in the American market. However, the export products will remain small, depending on the size of the winery.

Kordzadze emphasized that the winery's goal is not to dominate the markets, but to establish itself as a premium brand in wine boutiques. The focus is on creating a memorable experience for the customers who will demand the wine again the following year. The winery will strive to increase its volume, but it will not abandon its small-scale production. Kordzadze noted that they might move into the medium-sized cellar category but have no plans to expand into a factory.

"Barbales Marni" was established in 2014 by a renowned lawyer and is situated in Shindis. The winery produces distinctive types of wine such as Otkhanuri Safer, Tsitska-Kholikauri, Ushelouri, Khikhvi, Khvanchkara, and others. With its unique and flavorful wines, "Barbales Marni" is quickly emerging as one of the best wineries in Shida Kartli.