Posted: 3 years ago

Female Georgian Winemakers Are Participating in Women in Wine Expo

The first international exhibition of female winemakers "Women in Wine Expo 2019" is held on May 23-24 in the Netherlands and Belgium. The following 8 winemakers are participating in the exhibition: "Keti Wine", "Baia's Wine", "Marani Sachino", "Madamwine", "Demi’s Winery", "Nino Mori’s Cellar", "Miranda Chkhetiani" and "Tamar Wines".

Totally 30 winemakers from 8 countries are participating in the exhibition.

The exhibition is held in two parts: the first part will be held in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, the second part is being held in Brussel, Belgium today. Also, at the end of the exhibition, winemakers presented their products at the Embassy of Georgia in Hague, and a presentation about history and culture of Georgian wine was introduced by Sopio Kavlashvili, Chief Specialist of Marketing and PR Department of the National Wine Agency.
Participation of Georgian winemakers in "Women in Wine Expo 2019" is supported by the LEPL National Wine Agency.

Participation in this kind of exhibitions will further contribute to popularization of Georgian wine and increase awareness internationally.