Posted: 2 years ago

Exports of Georgian Wine Grow in the United States

Georgian wine producers participated in the International “Wine Expo New York” Exhibition of Wine and alcoholic beverages held in New York.

With the support of the National Wine Agency, 12 companies from Georgia were able to present their products in the largest wine market in the world, an important prerequisite for attracting new trading partners and increasing exports. Within the framework of the exhibition, a national wine agency contractor organized by American marketing company “Mark Energy” held a wine tasting for wine professionals, wine business and media representatives.  
The exhibition was attended by Levan Mekhuzla, Chairman of the National Wine Agency, who held meetings with representatives of the wine industry. According to him, Georgia's participation in such a large-scale event will help diversify the Georgian wine markets, increase awareness and exports to the US. 

"With the help of New York's “Wine Expo”, Georgian companies have the opportunity to learn about new trends and challenges in the world wine market, to find new trading partners in the United States, which is a strategic market for Georgian wines, with particularly high wine quality standards. Georgian wine is of high quality and with the joint efforts of the private sector, we must maintain quality stability not only in the US, but in other markets of Georgian wine as well, ”said Levan Mekhuzla. 

According to him, the export of Georgian wine to the US market has been steadily increasing for the last 5 years: in 2019 700,000 bottles of wine were exported from Georgia, which is almost 50% higher than the same rate in 2018.The United States market is one of the highest-priced segments for Georgian wines, with an average export price of $ 5.1 per bottle. Diana Jgenti, the Consul General of Georgia in New York also attended the exhibition. 
In the recent years a lot more important events have been held and organized by the Georgian diplomatic service in the United States in order to promote Georgian wine culture.