Posted: 3 years ago

European Commission: We Expect Reforms to Boost Georgian Wine’s Competitive Capacity

‘We expect a number of reforms to grow steadiness of the wine sector and its profitability. As a result, the competitive capacity of Georgian wines will increase on the global market”, the European Commission’s report covering the association agreement implementation, reads.

The report appraises Georgia-implemented reforms, starting from agriculture sector and ending with immigration policy. The European Commission positively appraises Georgia-EU deepening trade-economic relations.

“As to external trades, in 2017 EU remained Georgia’s major trade partner with 27% ratio. In 2017 EU-Georgia bilateral trade constituted 2.66 billion EUR. In January-September 2018 the EU-Georgia total trade rose by 5% year on year.

Georgia’s exports to EU countries decreased by 0.4%, while EU exports to Georgia rose by 7%. Georgia has made progress in harmonizing its legislation with EU trade standards. Moreover, in 2018 Georgia continued negotiations and signed various free trade agreements. Georgia has also reached the final stage of establishing the National Committee for Commerce Promotion, under the World Trade Organization’s commerce promotion agreement”, the EU report reads.

The document positively appraises the role that Georgia performs in the Eastern Neighborhood policy context.