Posted: 3 years ago

Emotional Explosion, Evoked by Memory: New Premium Wine Brand Muzzé Launched in Georgia

Interview with the founder of Muzzé brand Iosebi Jimsheladze.

Tell us your story; how did come up with the idea of founding Muzzewine and what were your goals initially?

My name is Iosebi Jimsheladze, I am a founder of Muzzé brand. The idea of creating a new wine brand didn't come all of a sudden. I am from the Kakheti region, which is known to everyone as the pearl of Georgian winemaking. My family has been making wine for many years and it has passed down from generation to generation. It is my greatest wish to carry on with our history in the modern world. Tradition does not prevent me from trying something new, experimenting, and looking for new wine-making technologies.

In 2020 we decided to build a new brand and we treaded several species of grapes. The wine of our brand is now available for purchase and anyone can taste it at different locations in Georgia. Our collection for this year:

Muzzé Saperavi • Red Semi-Sweet
Muzzé Saperavi Oak • Red Dry
Muzzé Rkatsiteli • White Dry

Tell us about the concept of Muzzewine and what differs you from competitors?

Muzzé is in its very first stages in the winemaking industry. The goal of our brand is to produce high-quality wine and spirits. We strive to continue the centuries-old tradition of winemaking using modern technologies and turn the brand into a unique, authentic advantage.

The concept of our brand is quite interesting. The phenomenon of the sun has been an integral part of the Georgian culture for a long time. The diverse natural conditions of Georgia create the most suitable environment for the development of high-quality winemaking culture. The sun has become our inspiration and that is why it is also on our logo. Wine is a memory of the sun, that has now settled in a bottle.

In addition to the technical side, we also pay attention to the visual component. The wine bottle label is uniquely designed with our logo. The color scheme in which the design is made is based on the color of a specific wine and its taste characteristics.

One of the main goals of our company is to create our own, unique style, which will be the guarantor of the name of our brand.

How many people work at your company and what is your business model?

I am more likely to call it a family business because that's where the roots come from. At this stage, I deal with all the issues myself, and I also have several people who support me.

What are the most important things to consider a wine company? How do you ensure the quality of the product?

Wine began to play a prominent role in social interaction both at formal and informal events. Unsurprisingly, the density of the wine market is high and the competition continues to increase. This is why differentiation on the shelf is critical for the consumer to choose our bottle over a multitude of others.

The most important factor to consider is who you want to attract with your brand. Initially, the choice of wine at first glance - like the choice of art objects - is subjective and comes down to personal taste.

Branding requires serious research and interpretation to differentiate your brand from the competitors. Understanding your brand's place in the market and its core strengths requires strategic analysis. Only after these stages, you can begin to form the meanings and how to convey them to the consumer.

Tell us about your future plans

I would not like to make too loud statements. As I said, the Muzzé brand is taking its first steps and the conquest of the peaks is still ahead for us.