Posted: 11 months ago

Denmark Hosted the Screening of Science Movie - Georgia, the Homeland of Wine

With the support of the National Wine Agency and the initiative of the company "Georgisk vin", the screening of the scientific-documentary movie "Georgia, the homeland of wine" was held in Aarhus, Denmark.

The movie "Georgia, the homeland of wine" is dedicated to international scientific research, which scientifically substantiates that Georgia is the homeland of wine and 8000 years ago, the domestication of wild vines and wine production began in our territory continues uninterrupted. The forty-minute movie was shot with the support of the LEPL National Wine Agency of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and Sakpatenti, National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia.

After the movie screening, a Georgian wine tasting was held, led by Giorgi Tevzadze, Advisor to the Chairman of the National Wine Agency.

Sopho Sagaradze, the founder of the company "Georgisk Vin", organized a presentation at the Capo Aarhus Wine Club in Aarhus about Georgia, Georgian cuisine, wine history, and the modern wine industry, which was also led by Giorgi Tevzadze. The event was attended by representatives of the Danish Sommelier School, the Wine Academy, the School of Hotels and Restaurants, as well as wine bars and restaurants that collaborate with local Michelin-starred restaurants.

In order to diversify the Georgian wine markets and increase their export potential, the National Wine Agency is planning marketing activities in Denmark.