Posted: 6 months ago

"Davit Nozadze: Harvesting Joy from a Year of Hard Work"

Since 2007, modern farmer Davit Nozadze has been cultivating corn and wheat in the village of Afeni, located in the Lagodekhi district. He attributes the thriving growth of these crops to the favorable local climate and his adoption of modern farming techniques.

For Nozadze, this time of year is particularly gratifying. "Harvesting is a profound joy, a real pleasure. It's the culmination of a year's hard work and anticipation," he shares. Assisting him in this crucial phase is a CLAAS grain harvester, which he praises for its efficiency and minimal wastage, estimating only about 0.5% loss.

Currently engaged in the harvest, Nozadze is already preparing for the next cycle. The land will soon be plowed again, and come spring, it will be ready for sowing. He also emphasizes the importance of modern technology in his work, having experimented last year with the capabilities of an agro-drone.

Quality agricultural inputs are crucial to Nozadze's success. He opts for Dekalb seed material, Bayer plant protection products, and Yara fertilizers.

Agriculture, as Nozadze describes, is a continuous yearly cycle. "It's an immense amount of work, but seeing the fruits of your labor in the fall is incredibly rewarding. We toil, we sweat, and in the end, we reap the rewards," he concludes.