Posted: 2 years ago

Coordination Headquarters for Grape Harvest Established in Telavi

A Coordination Headquarters has been set up in Telavi in order to promote a well-organized and successful 2020 grape harvest.

It is noteworthy that given the situation created by the pandemic, the state is subsidizing the 2020 grape harvest in order to support the field of viticulture and winemaking.

According to the government's decision, the subsidy will apply to wine companies that will purchase and process at least 1,000 tonnes of Rkatsiteli or Kakhuri Mtsvane grapes grown in Kakheti Region during the 2020 grape harvest. Furthermore, wine companies will pay no less than 0.80 GEL for every kilogram of grapes purchased.

The following subsidies will be issued to wine companies for every kilogram of Kakheti-grown grapes purchased: 0.30 GEL for every kilogram of Rkatsiteli; 0.30 GEL for every kilogram of Kakhuri Mtsvane.