Posted: 7 months ago

Control on Bulk Wines Must Start with Licensing of Wine Sales Outlets

Telavi Wine Cellar director Zura Ramazashvili says that wine adulteration is an essential challenge, and the control on bulk wines must start with licensing of wine sales outlets, he said. 

“I am sure that the control on sales of bulk wine must be tightened, and the wine sale outlets must be licensed. This regulation is enforced all over the world. Regretfully, we have not introduced this regulation yet. Naturally, peasants should not be banned from producing their own wines, but if they decide to sell their own wines for public consumption, then these outlets, stores or restaurants must satisfy certain standards, including the storage of wines, temperature, and so on. Wines are falsified in various ways, including by adding water and other mechanisms, including through intervention in the fermentation process and so on. All these factors should be controlled”, Zura Ramazashvili noted.