Posted: 1 year ago

Chinese Market Shows Interest in Sazano Wine with Talks of Complete Purchase

Sazano Wine, a Georgian wine producer and hotel owner, has reportedly received interest from the Chinese market for the complete purchase of their wine. Founder and wine producer Levan Chanturidze confirmed negotiations are underway, with the company currently having 70 pitchers and cisterns with a total capacity of 140 tons.

While the company refrained from large-scale wine production during the pandemic, they remain flexible and ready to produce wine according to demand. The company owns up to 2 hectares of vineyards and mainly produces Imerian wine, including Otkhani Safer and Krakhuna. Sazano Wine actively participates in international and local exhibitions, including the ITB Berlin exhibition held in February 2020.

Currently, the company is represented in export markets only in China and Dubai, with local sales limited to their own hotel. However, negotiations with partner countries before the October harvest could determine further production levels.

Sazano Wine's success in attracting the interest of the Chinese market is a testament to the quality of Georgian wine and the growing international demand for it. With a focus on producing high-quality wine and participation in international exhibitions, Sazano Wine is well positioned to continue to grow its market share and reputation in the global wine industry.