Posted: 3 years ago

Boutique Hotel and Cellar Expansion - Vladimir Boisa's Future Plans

Pandemic has halted development former basketball player Vladimir Boisa's plans of  in the wine industry.

According to Boisa "Business Partner", it was planned to build a new cellar in the village of Shalauri, Telavi Municipality, near the existing cellar, where the guest would be able to taste the wine on the spot.

"I wanted to buy a new pitcher. The area where I now have the pitchers is old has a long history, so I thought of leaving it as a kind of museum. As for the investment, the investment cost of the project is about $ 30,000," Boya said.

According to him, a relatively long-term plan is to build a boutique hotel in the cellar area.

In the old cellar in the village of Shalauri, Telavi Municipality, former basketball player Vladimer Boisa started winemaking a few years ago and created the brand "Boisa".

The company currently makes wine only from Rkatsiteli and Saperavi varieties. The former athlete owns about half a hectare of vineyard. The annual production of the company is 4000 bottles.