Photo: Teliani Collection

Posted: 1 month ago

Bolnisi Exports15,000 Bottles of Wine to Poland This Year

15,000 bottles of Bolnisi wine from 20 cellars will be exported to Poland this year. The union of Bolnisi wineries achieved the result at an exhibition tasting held in Poland.

A forum of local winemakers and viticulturists was held in Bolnisi to support and encourage Bolnisi's small wineries. During the forum, the wine producers received information about the benefits that the association "Wine Bolnisi" promises to its members. In particular, we are talking about free laboratory services and participation in international exhibitions and competitions.

The union has already registered the first 16 official members who have been donated French oak barrels.

The meeting was held within the framework of a tripartite memorandum signed between Bolnisi Municipality, RMG, and the Wine Bolnisi Association.

According to Bolnisi Municipality, Bolnisi City Hall also plans to implement a new project. In particular, winemakers will be able to test the quality of wine in a local laboratory within the next year. Rehabilitation of the Georgian-German Wine House will be completed this year, where wines from local wineries will be presented.