Posted: 3 years ago

Bolnisi Added to the List of Georgian Appellation Wines

“Bolnisi” was added to the list of the Georgian appellation wines. Until now there were registered 19 names of Georgian appellation wines: “Khvanchkara”, “Mukuzani”, “Tsinandali”, “Akhasheni”, “Gurjaani”, “Kindzmarauli”, “Manavi”, “Kakheti”, “Napareuli”, “Teliani”, “Ateni”, “Sviri”, “Vazisubani”, “Kardenakhi”, “Tibaani”, “Tvishi”, “Kvareli”, “Kotekhi” and “Khashmi Saperavi”.

 This decision indicates the diversity of Georgian wine and its varietal richness, which is especially important in terms of popularization of Georgian wine and growth of export potential.

With the request of registration  “Bolnisi”, the National Intellectual Property Center “Sakpatenti” was addressed by the organization “NAPR – Bolnuri Wine”.

“Bolnisi” – is dry wine that can be white, amber, red and rosy. Bolnisi micro-zone is located in Kvemo Kartli, Bolnisi municipality.

Bolnisi micro-geographic location, characteristic climate – moderately cold winters and hot summers, precipitation in a moderate amount, soil diversity, Rkatsiteli, Chinuri, Goruli Mstvane, Saperavi, Tavkveri, Shavkapito, Asuretuli black varieties characteristic for this zone and local ancient viticulture traditions conditions the unique,  organoleptic qualities of “Bolnisi” wine.  For the detailed specification, follow the link:

State control over the proper use of “Bolnisi” production specification and appropriation of the appellation of origin is implemented in accordance with the rule established by the Georgian Legislation by LEPL – National Agency of Wine.

Within the regulatory reform of protected appellation denominations and geographic indications, the National Wine Agency continues to work together with “Sakpatenti” on the addition of new varieties on the list of appellation wines.